All of our installations of Simply Fence Ltd are backed by a 2 year workmanship warranty. We pride ourselves in top-notch service, and we stand behind every piece of work we do. Further warranties are provided according to the product we install.

Limited Warranty


Simply Fence Ltd. hereby extends the manufacturers warranty and offers a 2 year limited workmanship warranty. Simply Fence Ltd will not warrant fence or any of our products if it has been serviced, altered or maintained by the any non simply staff, the home owner, or another company. 




Simply Fence Ltd. shall not be liable for damage due to any causes other then material or installation defects.  


Fire, lightening, windstorm, snow, ice,,wind and/or wind propelled items or other acts of God, pollution or harmful chemicals, damages caused by other individuals, misuse or failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance are not covered within the terms of this warranty.


Any failure to provide due care or repair would result in a void of warranty. This would include not servicing a repairing gates, fasteners, and other failings that would be reasonably expected. 


Simply Fence Ltd will not cover any damages caused by vehicles, or snow plows. 


Warranty shall be null and void if for any reason full payment within Simply Fence Ltd. terms are not made within the payment terms and policies of Simply Fence Ltd.


Alternate repair and/or work to Simply Fence Ltd. product without written consent from Simply Seamless Ltd. will hereby void the terms of your 2 year warranty.

Simply Fence Ltd reserves the right to change or alter their warranty and policies at any point. 


Simply Fence Ltd.